Leve a aprendizagem para o próximo nível

English Plus courses give you a chance to develop your General or Academic English skills while choosing a specific area of interest for your Plus activities on Friday. This course is perfect if you want more than just English classes! You will give your language experience an extra edge by taking applied language classes, workshops and field trips in a focused area.


  • Art & Design
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Game Design
  • Culinary & Hospitality

Course structure

Monday to Thursday

General ou Academic English classes
(15, 21 or 30hr/week)

Friday PLUS

Two workshops, a field trip, a guest speaker and four applied language classes (eight weeks)

Course length

Min. 8 weeks, no maximum. You can book longer than 8 weeks! Your Friday Plus activities take place in your last 8 weeks only. Your regular Fridays include our signature Free Friday Activity or a specialized class.

Minimum Age

16 years

Recommended level

LAB Level 5/Intermediate

Start dates


Experience required


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